Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis

Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis

Park at Palm Center. image: Asakura Robinson

Park at Palm Center. image: Asakura Robinson

About Precinct 1

Commissioner Rodney Ellis represents Precinct One, one of four precincts in Harris County. Born and raised in Houston’s Sunnyside neighborhood, Commissioner Ellis is an attorney whose passion is public service. Commissioner Ellis is working to establish Precinct One as a national model for delivering responsive public services utilizing inclusive, innovative, and collaborative approaches to improve the quality of life, advance equity of opportunity, and promote fair treatment of all people in Harris County.

Population = 1.1 million

  • Harris County’s population is 4.5 million; it is the third most populous county in the U.S.  Precinct One alone has approximately 1.1 million residents. Precinct One’s population is larger than all but the top nine most populous cities in the country.
  • Precinct One has the highest population density of the four precincts in Harris County at almost 3,000 people per square mile.

Size = 375 square miles

  • Harris County covers 1,777 square miles, and Precinct One covers 375 square miles. Precinct One is larger than all of New York City and is more than one-third the size of Rhode Island.
  • The Precinct stretches to Brazoria County, Galveston County, and Fort Bend County, and reaches into eastern and northern sections of Harris County.
  • Over 6,000 miles of roads and most of Harris County’s rail system are in Precinct One.


  • Racial/ethnic breakdown: 39% Hispanic/Latino, 38% black, 37% white, 6% Asian, 3.2% multi-racial, and 15% other.[1] The Hispanic population is growing the fastest.
  • 59% of the Precinct 1 population earns $50,000 or less per year; 23% of residents live below the poverty level, the highest of all four precincts.
  •  Seniors (over 64) make up nearly 10% of the population, and youth (0-17) make up about 26%.
  • 41% of homes are owner occupied, the lowest percentage of the four precincts.

Parks and natural resources

  • There are nearly 290 parks, including 44 schoolyard parks in Precinct One
  • Precinct One owns and manages 22 parks, including Tom Bass park, and runs 11 community centers
  • About one-quarter of Lake Houston (2,800 acres) is in the northeast corner of the Precinct

Cultural and educational institutions = Many of the area’s most important institutions are in the Precinct

  • Nearly 20 colleges and universities in the Precinct, including Texas Southern University, University of Houston, and Rice University
  • Houston’s museum district is in Precinct One
  • Home to all of Houston’s professional sports teams and the 263-acre NRG Park Complex


[1]     These add up to more than 100% because the Hispanic/Latino category overlaps with others—particularly the “white” category.

To learn more about Precinct 1's mission and goals, click here for the Precinct 1 website.